The Golden Rams Society (GRS)


The Golden Rams Society is a group of up to 30 highly motivated, dedicated, and successful students who have been selected by the WCU Foundation for recommendation to the President of West Chester University to represent the student body at various events.

Mission & Benefits of the Golden Rams Society: 

Our mission is to educate current WCU students about the WCU Foundation and Alumni Association’s mission to generate resources to support student success and the University’s future growth. The Golden Rams Society will also work to encourage WCU students to become involved with Foundation and Alumni Association programs and activities; and to educate current students about the importance of being active alumni and donors in the future.   

Golden Rams Society (GRS) Members will gain valuable experience in marketing, program planning, networking and managing projects. In addition, GRS members will be recognized participants among the faculty, staff, and alumni constituencies. Most importantly, GRS members will have the opportunity to network with some of WCU’s most distinguished and successful alumni, corporate leaders, and friends of WCU.

All Golden Rams Society Members will receive a $250 award for every 20 hours of service for their work and commitment to the WCU Foundation, WCU Alumni Association, and the University.

Golden Rams Society Member Requirements and Application - Click here

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