George Morris
Philips Society

Fueling the Future of WCU

While many donors make the decision to create impact on the University today, more than 400 alumni, faculty, staff, friends, and benefactors have expressed their commitment by including the West Chester University Foundation in their estate plans.

When you designate a gift of intent to support WCU, you join their ranks as a member of the George Morris Philips Society. As a founder of future achievement, you’ll immediately gain recognition for your generosity — and the companionship of philanthropists who share your vision for the sustained betterment of West Chester University.

George Morris<br />Philips Society

Membership Recognition

When you become a member of the George Morris Philips Society, you’ll receive invitations to exclusive Society events in addition to annual events held by the West Chester University Foundation.

You’ll also be recognized on our donor plaques at the WCU Foundation & Alumni Center and in the Philips Library Lobby, and online alongside other generous supporters.

If you’d rather remain anonymous, simply let us know.

About George Morris Philips

George Morris Philips is remembered as an esteemed educator who demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the success and legacy of WCU — known as West Chester State Normal School during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In 1873, he was appointed professor of mathematics here. In 1878, he joined the faculty at Lewisburg University, later returning to West Chester to become Principal of the Normal School in 1881.  He held this office until his death in 1920, cementing a legacy of dedication to excellence in education.

Join the Society. Plan Your Gift.

Take action now to sustain the future of student success at WCU and make your mark as a member of the George Morris Philips Society.

If you’ve already made a planned gift to benefit WCU, submit a statement of intent and we will be glad to induct you into the Society.

Planned Giving

Meet the Society Members

Members of the George Morris Philips Society are recognized with other donors who have made gifts benefitting West Chester University and its students. See the full list of donors and their giving society affiliation here.

Donor Recognition

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