Swope Scholarship

Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Swope Memorial Scholarship

As president of West Chester University for a quarter of a century, Dr. Charles S. Swope recognized that the world is shaped by the great minds of the future. Now in its fourth generation, this vital scholarship continues to award much needed scholarship dollars to West Chester University’s highest achieving students.

Swope Scholarship

Make an Impact

As Swope Scholars, parents and family of scholars, and supporters, we know you understand the importance of paying it forward. Make an impact on future generations of Swope Scholarship recipients by getting involved, giving, and staying connected.

Get Involved

Join the scholarship committee to put much-needed funds directly into the hands of WCU students. Contact Marni Honigman, Assistant Director of Stewardship to get started.


Make a Gift

Support WCU students who display high academic performance, community involvement, and leadership and citizenship qualities.

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Stay Connected

Are you a Swope Scholar? Share your accomplishments and career experiences with us, and with the Swope family.

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Scholarship Requirements

The Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Swope Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a full-time undergraduate student with a minimum grade point average of 3.5 who has completed at least 45 credit hours, of which at least 15 credits must be completed at West Chester University. At the time of the application undergraduate students must have one (1) full year of enrollment ahead of them at WCU in order to apply. Graduate students must be enrolled in a full-time program (minimum 9 credits) and must have received their baccalaureate degree from West Chester University.

All scholarship applicants must be U.S. citizens. Applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation: one (1) letter of recommendation from a West Chester University faculty member who can address academic performance, and one (1) letter of recommendation from a community leader who can address the applicant’s community involvement, leadership qualities and citizenship qualities.


2022-2023 Scholarship Committee:

Kevin Gates
Judi K. Ivins
Barbara J. Lappano
Nicholas Provenzale
Betsy Swope
Charles E. Swope, Jr.
Betsy Wurstner

The Swope Family Legacy

With the strategic transition of the Foundation into a memorial endowment, Dr. Dawn Swope Apgar and Charles (“Chuck”) E. Swope, Jr. have cemented their family’s mission to give back.

Their grandfather, Dr. Charles S. Swope and their grandmother, Edna Swope were both graduates of West Chester State Normal School in 1921. They donated to the church, supported their families who had fallen on hard times, and gave all the produce from their garden to neighbors and friends in West Chester. The family ethos has always been to work hard and save so that gains could work for family members, friends, and be used to help others. Dr. Swope served as president of West Chester State Teachers College for a quarter of a century.

Edna and their own fathers, Richard M. Swope and Charles S. Swope, formed The Swope Foundation in 1960, which has provided more than one million dollars in scholarship funds to West Chester University students.

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