Not Your Parent's Periodic Table of Elements!

The dedication ceremony for the installation of the Scientific Display of the Periodic Table of Elements was held on April 7, 2017.  Dr. Melissa Cichowicz, who played a lead role in organizing this project, greeted guests, and Dr. Laurie Bernotsky, Provost and Academic Vice President, thanked alumnus Dr. Jeffrey Evelhoch '77 and his wife Nancy for their generous gift which made the interactive display possible.  Dr. Jack Waber, Interim Dean of the College of Sciences & Mathematics, welcomed back a number of chemistry alumni and thanked them for returning to campus to celebrate this remarkable installation.  

The display features real samples of each element, artifacts demonstrating their applications, and interactive software describing the various properties.  The Table of Elements honors retired faculty Dr. Marc Durand, Dr. John Mangravite and the late Drs. Robert Foery, Philip Witonsky and Philip Rudnick.  

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