WCU Foundation Board of Trustees Recognition

 On May 16, 2017, the WCU Foundation Board of Trustees met to recognize and honor outgoing board members. 
Pictured left to right with Dr. Mark Pavlovich, Vice President of Advancement & Sponsored Research for WCU are:

Dr. James Argires '56, WCUF Trustee.  Dr. Argires is a highly respected retired neurosurgeon and continues to provide surgical consultations, evaluations and independent medical examinations.  Recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award and inducted into the WCU Hall of Fame in 2005, Dr. Argires enjoys sculpting and created the Sturzebecker bust that is displayed in the Sturzebecker Health Science Center. 

Dr. John Gontarz, WCUF Trustee, pictured with WCUF CFO, Jennifer Coffey, is a retired chemist.  After taking a Spanish class at WCU with his wife, Liz, the couple were so impressed by their fellow students that they established the Gontarz Family Scholarship to help students with financial aid.

Dr. Sandra Mather '64, M'68, WCUF Trustee.  Sandra is a WCU Professor Emerita of Geology and Astronomy.  She joined the WCUF Board of Trustees in 2004 and served as secretary from 2007 through 2010.  In 2009, she was awarded the WCU President's Medallion for Service.  Sandra has established several endowed scholarships including the Sandra F. Pritchard Endowment for Geology & Astronomy, the Sandra Mather Research Endowment and the Sandra & Russell Mather Map Room Endowment.

Keith Beale '77, WCUF Board of Trustees President.  Keith has gone from teaching music in public schools to working for Verizon Communications and after retirement serves as a part-time administrator, choir director and worship leader at his church.  Keith and his wife, Nancy, established the Beale Family Music Endowment, the Keith and Nancy Alexander Choral Conducting Endowment and the Nancy Alexander Beale Piano Endowment. 

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