You have inspiring goals for the future of West Chester University. And if you create an endowed fund, you can ensure your vision is funded for promising students or programs, year after year.

An endowed fund is a substantial gift that is carefully stewarded by WCU Foundation. We work to grow your gift over time, reinvesting some gains to secure additional growth. We then apply the remainder or your fund’s gains to students and initiatives that match your directive.

As a self-sustained source of funding, no gift accomplishes more in the long term for West Chester University and its students than an endowed fund. That’s why we work closely with donors like you to maximize that impact.


See the Success You Create

After you create an endowed fund, you will receive an annual report that will show you exactly whom your endowment is benefitting, and how your funds are being stewarded by WCU Foundation to ensure ongoing success.

Endowments By the numbers:

$3.1 million

contributed in 2020-21 to provide a perpetual source of funds for student success


total endowment growth from 2011 to 2021

Plan Your Endowment Today

WCU Foundation will work with you to make your vision a reality. Contact us to put your plans for an endowed fund into motion.

Discuss Your Endowment

Your Gift Matters

Donors like you have endowed more than $45 million to WCU Foundation, with $1.4 million awarded in interest gains alone.

Is there a minimum gift required to create an endowed fund?
Yes, a minimum contribution of $25,000 is required to establish an endowment.

Is there a minimum gift required to donate to an existing fund?
No, there is no minimum for contributing to existing funds. However, you can still choose to browse existing funds for one that aligns to your vision for WCU.

Are there options for funding an endowment at a later date?
Yes, you can create an estate gift by establishing endowment guidelines today and funding them later, or over time.

How will my endowed funds be invested?
See our WCU Foundation investment policy for details.

I have more questions about starting an endowment, what should I do?
Contact us to speak with a gift officer about how WCU Foundation can help.

See Your Impact

Every day, donors like you help WCU Foundation make important, lasting impact in students’ lives. Explore our stories to see what we’ve already accomplished together — and how we’ll continue to create ongoing success at WCU.

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His reason for giving? Gratitude.

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