Mikayla Zeigler

I am a pre-med cell and molecular biology student finishing my sophomore year at WCU. The Golden Rams Society is an outstanding organization that allows members to complete work that not only benefits themselves, both intrinsically and through scholarship, but also the surrounding Golden Ram community. I believe that there is truly nothing else that could replace the experiences, work, and connections that you can be a part of through GRS.

My favorite component of the organization is the central focus on giving back through philanthropic volunteer work. I am paying for college entirely on my own, as I know many of my fellow students are, and am currently enrolled to directly matriculate into medical school following graduation. This means that on top of my loans for my undergraduate years, I will incur more loans to also cover the cost of medical school. I am so grateful for any scholarship and aid that I receive as it goes towards lessening my overall college debt which relieves much stress in the long run. I especially love the GRS scholarship because I get to earn this money while doing something I love: volunteering my time.

As you can tell, I have a lot of respect for this organization, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

“Being a Golden Rams Society member has taught me the value of knowing your surrounding community, both active students and alumni, and the impact that each individual student can make.”

Melissa Roth

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