A Chance to Shine

They’ve spent their careers helping students succeed.
Their planned gift will help keep that vision alive.

Learning without burden

Dr. Jen Bacon and Maggie Krall are more than believers in the transformative power of higher education — they’re proof of it. Jen is the dean of WCU’s College of Arts and Humanities, and Maggie is the Director of Administration of the MD-PhD program at the University of Pennsylvania. Both credit their successes to being able to graduate without excessive financial burdens.

“Since I got my undergraduate degree from an affordable public university, I graduated without debt,” Jen says. “When I went to get my master’s degree and doctorate, I didn’t have that burden hanging over me. It meant I could focus on my studies in a different kind of way than someone who’d have to work all the time to pay their bills.”

Similarly, Maggie was able to graduate debt-free with the support of her late father, David Krall ’60. An education major at WCU, David went on to earn a successful career as a senior leader at The LEGO Group. “In a sense, neither Maggie or I would have the lives we have, or the resources we have to share, if it weren’t for WCU,” Jen says.

So when Jen and Maggie began to plan the future of their estate, they decided to help students gain that same freedom to learn — without the stress of debt. Working closely with the West Chester University Foundation, the couple created a bequest to support students with demonstrated financial need, and a commitment to reducing inequality through community service, activism, or writing.

Dr. Jen Bacon and Maggie Krall

Dean of West Chester University’s College of Arts and Humanities, and Director of Administration of the MD-PhD program at the University of Pennsylvania, respectively

“If we’re richer at the end of our lives because of the incredible educations we’ve been able to receive and champion, then the least we can do is make sure those resources go toward ensuring future students have the same opportunities.” – Dr. Jen Bacon

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"Over the years, the depth of my passion for the community and institution has only grown. I truly couldn’t be prouder, and it feels good to envision a future in which Maggie and I will leave a financial contribution to this place we love.” - Dr. Jen Bacon

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