Paving Their Path

The future of healthcare is coming.
He’s empowering WCU students to lead the way.

Pushing the envelope

Over the past two decades, Marc Duey has seen firsthand how innovation saves lives. As founder, president, and CEO of ProMetrics in King of Prussia, Duey helps provide market research, strategic planning, and novel cutting edge database services to biopharmaceutical firms.

“A few years ago, we began incorporating digital wearables, ingestibles, and artificial intelligence to build patient-specific datasets in the pursuit of better healthcare,” Marc says. “Our work with emerging therapies and patient-level data has helped introduce dozens of successful life-saving therapeutic products.”

Marc built ProMetrics’s success on his background in both biology and business. After earning his Master of Science degree in Toxicology from Ottawa University and his MBA from Western University, Marc served as president of Robert S. First, Inc., an international management consulting firm, then founder and president of the market research firm DuWest Research.

More recently, Marc added “adjunct professor” and “donor” to his growing list of roles. After auditing an epidemiology class to assist a family member at West Chester University, Marc was invited to lead a few lectures himself. Twelve years later, he is now an adjunct professor for WCU’s School of Business and the Pharmaceutical Product Development program.

That relationship with the University led the Duey family to establish the Duey Centers for Science as part of their $1 million gift to the Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons (SECC). Slated to open in 2020, the facilities are set to become the new heart of the campus. “Careers will be initiated, new enterprises will be formed, and patients will be better served,” Marc says.

Marc Duey

Founder, president, and CEO of ProMetrics
Managing Partner, Duce Management
West Chester University Adjunct Professor
$1 million donor to the Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons

“We can be confident that our gifts have contributed directly to future professionals who will have a hand in moving patients from a condition of disease to one of comfortable ease.”

Donate Now

The Duey family worked closely with the West Chester University Foundation to plan and finalize their gift. While the contribution was both significant and specific, their hope is that it will spur other donors to find ways to support their own passions.

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