Investing in the Future

Michael will never meet his benefactors.
But together, they’re bringing a shared vision to life.

Connected across generations

It’s not every day that a student on track to become an English teacher receives a scholarship established by an English teacher from a previous generation. And while countless teachers have been the recipients and benefactors of gifts to WCU Foundation throughout the years, this gap is one that hasn’t always gotten the attention it deserves.

But Michael Nangle, a WCU first-year student and the most recent recipient of the Herbert F. Mitchell Scholarship, believes he knows why.

“Education, while prevalent in every person’s life, is often not considered for massive donations or scholarship funds,” he says. “Our peers in the educational realm often times cannot afford to give large endowments back to our community.”

“Teachers do not earn incredible salaries,” Michael concludes.

So when Michael learned about — and was eventually awarded — the Herbert F. Mitchell Scholarship, he found it particularly interesting and unique. This scholarship, awarded to incoming students on track to become English educators, exemplifies the West Chester University cycle of success — and is allowing Michael to double down on his decision to lead, inside and outside the classroom.

Michael Nangle

Aspiring English teacher and first-year student recipient of the Herbert F. Mitchell Scholarship

“The Herbert F. Mitchell Scholarship launched me into my collegiate career in a way I didn’t expect. It allowed me to focus more time on my service and career readiness, but also confirmed that I was on the right track." – Michael Nangle

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The recognition by the committee awarding this scholarship helped me confirm that my steps in leadership are impactful and helpful — for the community, and for myself.”

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