Generations of Generosity

How this mother-daughter duo is cementing a legacy of giving back.

Ask the Grays how they became leaders at West Chester University, and they’ll joke that they didn’t volunteer — they were “voluntold.”

For Deidre Gray ’92, it was being “voluntold” by peers to join the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors.

For her daughter, Devynn Gray ’19, M’20, it was being “voluntold” to serve as president of the Black Alumni Chapter — a position previously held by Deidre.

The truth is, both Grays are quick to step up where they’re needed. And at WCU, they’ve blazed a path for future students to follow in their footsteps — and surpass them.

If not for WCU, I wouldn’t have gotten my foot in the door in my field,” Deidre says. “The University gave a lot to me, so it’s only right I give back to it.”

Deidre’s commitment grew further when Devynn enrolled at WCU. Today, Devynn is also grateful for the edge the University gave her — and eager to pay it forward.

“I focus my giving towards supporting and improving Black and Brown students’ experiences,” Devynn says. “Those opportunities can significantly help WCU students from inner-city Philadelphia.”

Together, the mother and daughter work toward their vision of a University with less student food insecurity, higher matriculation rates, and greater alumni giving.

In fact, they do some promoting and “volun-telling” of their own, via social media.

“With giving back, it’s like Nike — ‘just do it,’” Deidre says. “It doesn’t matter how large or small your donation is, because it makes a difference regardless in helping our students.”

Deidre Y. Gray ’92 &
Devynn T. Gray ’19, M’20

West Chester University Alumni Association (WCUAA) Board of Directors

Deidre Y. Gray ’92
• West Chester University Alumni Association (WCUAA) Board of Directors, 2022-2025
• Secretary, 2023-2024

Devynn T. Gray ’19, M’20
• West Chester University Alumni Association (WCUAA) Board of Directors, 2023-2026

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