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Her education helped her achieve her goals.
Her scholarship will support the educators of the future.

A worthwhile cause

As Clinical Professor of Reading at New York University, Katherine (Kay) Dougherty Stahl ’76 is helping future teachers gain insight into one of the critical foundations of education – learning how to read.

“Training teachers in literacy is so important. Fifty percent of teachers do not stay in the profession, and I feel that is due in large part because many teachers are unprepared to deal with the complexities of teaching reading” she says. “Due to the role of literacy in all educational content learning, it’s important to offer teachers in-depth skills so they can truly be prepared for the instructional challenges they will face in today’s schools.”

At the time Kay attended West Chester University, its minor in reading education required 24 additional credits, including those in subjects like linguistics and speech development. “When I left my undergraduate program, I was as well prepared as most people are when they have a master’s in reading,” Kay says. “Even now, I see very few schools other than West Chester that offer a minor in literacy education at the undergraduate level.”

A published author, Kay received the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development Teaching Excellence Award in 2014 – and the passion she exhibits in the classroom is equally evident in her planned giving.

Reflecting on what has been important to her, the University gets high marks. “It’s the education I got at West Chester, and the influence it had on preparing me for my life’s work, that comes to mind.” So, with the help of the Foundation, Kay established the Katherine Dougherty Stahl Scholarship. “They have been willing to work with me to shape my gifts to support the causes I care about,” she says.

Katherine (Kay) Dougherty Stahl ’76

Creator and Donor, Katherine Dougherty Stahl Scholarship

"When I make a contribution to those students, it’s really a gift back to myself – I’m not only helping to change the lives of the students who are receiving the gift, but also the students who they will be teaching for generations.” – Kay Stahl '76

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"To see that there was such effort being made – it made me feel like I wanted to be a part of the future the school was creating, to continue to build on the University’s strengths.”

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