A Collective Effort

How these graduates are honoring the man who had a lifelong impact on their success.

Dr. Robert Marbach served as faculty advisor for the Eta Beta Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho fraternity at West Chester University for more than a decade until his retirement from teaching. But for Evan Murray ’96, David James ’91, and Seth Birch ’06, M’19, he went above and beyond that role.

“He was part of our team and we were his kids,” says Evan. “He helped me come out of my shell and gave me the confidence to become a leader.”

With Dr. Marbach at the helm, the fraternity became a family. He cheered them on at sporting events, hosted spaghetti dinners with Mrs. Marbach, and even learned the Greek alphabet. He dedicated his time to them not just as fraternity brothers, but as individuals.

“He told us what was right, wasn’t afraid to tell us when we were wrong, and set a great example for us,” David says. “We share a relationship, a friendship, a brotherhood because of the connection our fraternity has to the University — one that Dr. Marbach helped keep alive.”

Rallying their fellow fraternity brothers, Evan, David, and Seth led the initiative to name a ballroom in The Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons after their mentor.

“We felt it was important to have a permanent location where the active fraternity can meet as a group,” says Seth. “It serves as a tangible way to recognize our history on campus and gives our alumni a home to come back to.”

They also created The Dr. Marbach Scholarship, ensuring future members of the fraternity will benefit from his legacy.

“It really is a testament to his silent contributions,” says Evan.

“And it’s another way for us to thank him.”

Evan Murray '96, David James '91, and Seth Birch '06, M'19

Donors, Dr. Robert Marbach Fund and Dr. Robert Marbach Scholarship

Pictured are (L-R) David James '91, Evan Murray '96, Dolores Marbach, Dr. Robert Marbach, and Seth Birch '06, M'19 in front of the ballroom.

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