Because WCU is an institution of distinction.

Exceeding 17,500 students, West Chester University is the largest school in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.  In addition, WCU ranks about the national average for incoming freshman SAT scores and undergraduate graduation rates.  WCU would not be the most successful institution in PASSHE without the significant impact you make on our students every day.

Because WCU ranks among the top of all PASSHE universities in faculty and staff giving:

Because this year, we have a campus goal to rank NUMBER ONE among our peer institutions.

This goal is only attainable with your help.  Please join us during WCU's Annual Day of Giving on September 26, 2018.  While your gift is completely voluntary, it will make a difference in our ability to serve students and encourage others, particularly corporations and foundations, to give.

Because your support of WCU's Annual Day of Giving is a wonderful opportunity to make an impact in support of giving to WCU.

Becoming involved at a level that is meaningful to and comfortable for you is most important.  You can give $5, $50, $500, or more.

Because when you donate—no matter the amount—it inspires others to support WCU.

To make your voluntary gift on WCU's Annual Day of Giving and select the area you are most passionate about, click here to download and print your pledge form, or complete the form below.
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