The Commons

Main Dining Hall    ●    Ballroom   ●   Auditorium   ●   Conference Rooms   ●   Rooftop Seating   ●   Coffee Shop

WCU’s steady enrollment growth creates the need for improved and larger dining services, as well as expanded meeting space. The Commons wing will be a welcoming and modern environment for students to connect, eat, and work. In addition to the new main dining hall, the Commons wing will include a ballroom, auditorium, and meeting rooms --- facilities that are currently severely limited on campus. These additional spaces will allow faculty, students, and staff to host conferences, collaborative community events, and speaker presentations.

Recognizing that meaningful student experiences happen in lounges and lobbies, as well as in classrooms, the building’s student life spaces will be warm, inviting, and engaging. The Commons will be a place for students, faculty, staff, and community members to make meaningful connections.


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