Designed for the needs of today's WCU students, The Commons will be a unique, innovative, and inviting space (a go-to destination!) for all.

Recognizing that meaningful connections happen in a variety of settings, The Commons will be a welcoming and stimulating environment for students to gather, eat, and work. The 800-seat residential dining facility will encompass more than 16,000 square feet of the building's entire second floor. An intentional and progressive design will encourage students to use the facility as a third space and an exciting location to meet, grab a healthy meal between classes, and engage in other formative, non-academic activities.

With the understanding that students learn from and engage in a wide range of surroundings, eclectic options will appeal to diners' varied tastes. An exhibition cooking station, grill, comfort zone for home style dishes, Healthy Solutions area for allergy-free dishes, as well as a pizza station, will be among the numerous offerings available. Sandwiches, salads and soups, and a breakfast bar will also offer a host of options from morning until night. Additionally, a full bakery will offer patrons made-from-scratch desserts; actual preparation will be able to be watched, too.

Multiple seating options will be available, much like a restaurant. From tables to booths to high-top seating, individuals and groups will be accommodated.

Providing a literal link to the classroom, a nutrition lab and collaborative learning space will be located adjacent to the dining facility on the second floor. Students taking courses taught by faculty in the Department of Nutrition in the College of Health Sciences will be able to take advantage of the close proximity to an active food production operation, and the expertise of the staff of our dining contractor, Aramark, to gain hands-on experience above and beyond the classroom environment.

In addition to students, The Commons will provide a dynamic and stimulating environment for faculty, staff, and community members. A specialty 75-seat dining space will serve faculty, staff, and students for meals and special events; a cafe serving a variety of hot and cold beverages will also be featured, in addition to a retail shop that will sell numerous grab-and-go items and pre-packaged foods for those needing a quick snack or a meal for the road.
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