Hiring Troops to Teachers Candidates

Why should you hire a Troops to Teachers participant?

If you are facing the problem of finding qualified, dedicated teachers to fill shortages in your school or district, Troops to Teachers is your answer.

Military veterans have established a reputation as excellent educators and role models for today’s students.  The leadership skills, breadth of experience, dedication and maturity that our marines, sailors, soldiers and airmen bring to the classroom are attributes sought by parents and school administrators alike. Learn more about why you should hire a Veteran as a teacher.

Meeting Classroom Needs

With their valuable skills and willingness to teach in underserved areas, TTT educators meet the needs of many of the nation’s classrooms.

  • More than 85% of TTT educators becoming teachers are male, compared to 26% in the overall teaching force.
  • 33% of TTT teachers are from a minority group, compared to 10% of the current workforce.
  • 32% of TTT teachers report they are teaching mathematics or science, compared to 24% of all teachers.
  • 18% of TTT teachers, compared with 12% overall, are teaching special education.
  • 24% of TTT teachers work in inner-city schools, compared to 16% overall.
  • 68% of TTT teachers indicate a willingness to teach in a rural community, compared to 23% overall.
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