The Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons

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West Chester University (WCU) is committed to student success at every level of the college experience. With more than 17,000 students, the University has seen a 30 percent increase in enrollment over the last decade and is now the fourth largest university in the Philadelphia region. The demand for what WCU offers—program quality, faculty experience, and twenty-first century resources, combined with exceptionally affordable tuition—continues to grow, making the University increasingly attractive to academically-talented students.

Today, WCU is ready to take a pivotal step to support growth and ensure continued excellence by building a brand-new facility, the Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons. At 175,000 square feet, it will be the largest academic and service building on campus by nearly double.

Designed with a focus on student learning rather than conventional teaching, the building will house the departments of health, nursing, nutrition, physics, and the newly-approved biomedical engineering program. In addition, it will bridge academic and campus life by providing a student dining facility to accommodate the growing enrollment, and flexible conference space to promote faculty and student collaboration.

The Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons are designed to be "the heart of campus," a place where students can experience WCU social and academic life to its fullest. Receiving less than 20 percent annually in state funding, West Chester University continues to be committed to providing an outstanding education at an affordable cost for all students.

To make this $130 million-dollar building a reality, the University is using a combination of reserves, bonding, and private resources to finance the project. While the $5 million in private gifts account for the smallest percentage of the financing, it is the margin of excellence that will allow WCU to create a truly unique learning space that is rich in technology and fosters community. Your gift will not only become a permanent legacy—it will provide a transformational experience that will impact the lives of students now and for years to come.
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