The Sciences & Engineering Center


West Chester University will launch its first engineering major, biomedical engineering, at a time when the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects a 23 percent growth in the number of biomedical jobs needed by 2024. By applying engineering principles to biology and science methodologies, students will be able to develop equipment—prosthetics, artificial organs, and imaging devices, to name a few—and procedures that will ultimately help lessen a number of health problems found in populations around the globe.

Housed on the first floor, the Biomedical Engineering Center will be the perfect complement to the nearby Immersive Learning Center, where students training for careers in nursing and other healthcare related fields will have the unique opportunity to master critical response training in a real-world hospital setting. This dynamic environment will feature technologically-advanced simulated patients or human-like robots that, will the touch of the instructor's computer controls, experience cardiac arrest and a variety of other lifelike symptoms.

Students studying athletic training, psychology, social work, speech language pathology, and other disciplines will also be able to take advantage of simulated settings. Rooms will be designed to mimic patient exam rooms and home-care environments to allow students to become fully prepared to provide excellent care in a variety of professional settings. Additionally, a modern nutrition lab will ensure that wellness and disease prevention are incorporated throughout the curriculum.
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