Gift Planning Is: Impactful, Simple, Fun

When you think about your legacy, the ability to touch thousands of lives is just a telephone call away. Click on the links to the right to explore some of the gift options available through the WCU Foundation. Gifts can be as simple as a section of your will, or can give you and your loved ones tax-advantaged income during your life or theirs. To discuss how planned giving can enrich your life—and the lives of WCU students and the campus community—call us today at 610/430-4152.

Sandra F. Pritchard Mather '64, M'68

Sandie Mather is Professor Emerita, Earth and Space Sciences at West Chester University. As both an alumna and retired faculty member, Sandie is a vivid presence on WCU's campus, from acting as Marshal at Commencement to participating in the School of Music/Performing Arts Center Campaign Committee. Sandie is a member of the WCU Foundation Board of Trustees and enjoys her volunteer leadership position with the Historical Society of Summit County Colorado. Formerly, Sandie has held positions at the National Council for Geographic Education, the Pennsylvania Geographical Society, and the Delaware Valley Geographical Association.

As a leader in philanthropy, Sandie has established both the Dr. Sandra F. Pritchard Mather and Dr. John Russell Mather Cartographic Resource Center and the Sandra F. Pritchard Mather Research Endowment for Earth and Space Sciences. The Sandra F. Pritchard Mather Planetarium is named after her.

When Sandie retired in 1999, she searched for a way to ensure a legacy of support for the Department of Earth and Space Sciences and its students; creating the Resource Center and the Endowment were part of this. Sandie's estate planning activities were a natural progression of her support for WCU students and the resources available to them now, and into the future.

"I'm thrilled that a number of students in the department were able to visit Iceland this summer to hone their geologic skills," Sandie shares. "Personally, I really enjoy visiting the Planetarium—some of the youngsters who visit the Planetarium with their class today may be future WCU students tomorrow."

Sandie is a member of the Heritage and Carillon giving societies and has received the President's Award, the President's Medallion for Service, and the Dean's Award.

We thank Sandie for the legacy she continues to build at WCU.

Spencer M. Pyle '97 and George E. Lutz '84

It is so important for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to feel a sense of belonging and inclusion at their institution of higher learning. This idea is the foundation of Spencer and George's motivation to give back to WCU.

Spencer's involvement in LGBTQA on campus as a student gave him the courage needed to learn that he had a greater purpose in this world. At WCU, he was provided with a safe space for expression and growth as an individual, and as a citizen. George became involved in the LGBTQA as an alumnus, volunteering to help the campus organization raise awareness and grow programs for students. Spencer and George feel so strongly about endowing the LGBTQA Administration Fund because to them, their 22-year journey together began at West Chester University. Ensuring that the rich diversity of WCU continues long after their image fades from campus is of paramount importance; providing future generations with an equal or greater sense of inclusion and community like they enjoyed at WCU is their goal.

Spencer holds a BFA in studio arts and graduated in 1997, while George earned a BS in accounting in 1984. Both are employed at Bentley Systems, Incorporated in Exton, PA where Spencer is a manager in Operations Advancement, specializing in data analysis, and George is a billing analyst for the cloud services subscription program.

Thank you to Spencer and George for their personal commitment to the students at WCU.
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