Parents Fund

The Parents Fund supports projects that directly impact your student’s environment and educational experience. These projects are designed to promote, satisfy, comfort, and create a home away from home for WCU students.  Over the past 20 years, parents have contributed nearly $500,000 to fund many important projects on campus including: 

  • Emergency funds for students' unexpected financial crises, including funds for housing, food, textbooks and tuition
  • Emergency telephones strategically located around campus 
  • Computers in the residence halls
  • Automatic external defibrillators in locations frequented by students
  • Improved campus safety, including increase police presence on streets frequented by students

Now and in the Future
parent support is needed to help maintain
student emergency scholarships, university enhancements, extracurricular activities, and provide additional campus security.

To Keep You Connected to your student's college experience The WCU Foundation distributes a Parents E-newsletter which goes out to parents each month.  Each issue includes important academic updates, upcoming events, and campus highlights. 

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