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Follow “Shack’s Way” to the steps of The Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons and you’ll find a hands-on learning environment that leads straight to success.

Inside, students are using mannequins that blink and breathe to prepare for careers in respiratory therapy. Graduates function as advanced-level practitioners who evaluate, treat, and care for patients with breathing disorders.

“When you go into a patient’s hospital room, you see the wall connections, the suctions, the pulse oximeter, and it can be a little intimidating,” says Juliette Saviello ’23. “Seeing everything here in a controlled environment is huge.”

“The simulation rooms are so realistic,” adds Claire Croft ’23.

When students practice skills like CPR, their professors can speak to them through the mannequins, mimicking real patients, or through wall monitors. Cameras and video recording software set the stage for group debriefs, where students can learn from their mistakes — and each other.

“We have such a comfortable space to learn,” says Ashley Troutman ’23. “I can’t imagine not getting this experience.”

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