Biomedical Engineering: Coming to West Chester University Fall 2019

Offering innovative programs, renowned faculty, state-of-the art facilities, and affordable tuition, West Chester University is enjoying record enrollment numbers. With all of this in mind, WCU is pleased to announce the founding of its newest industry-informed program, Biomedical Engineering.

Why Biomedical Engineering?

The outlook for biomedical engineers is extremely promising, often ranking as one of the fastest growing occupational fields. Major categories of employment include medical equipment and supplies manufacturing, scientific research and development, and pharmaceutical and drug manufacturing; the tenets of which already existed on WCU’s campus. For years, West Chester has partnered with prestigious universities like Case Western Reserve, Columbia University, Penn State University, and Thomas Jefferson University to offer engineering programs. Fall 2019 will mark the first engineering program taught completely at WCU. 

The Biomedical Engineering program will be housed in the future The Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons building, the University’s largest and most cutting-edge facility to date. The innovative 175,000 square-foot facility with advanced laboratories, modern academic program space, state-of-the-art simulation, as well as dedicated dining and conference services, is destined to transform the way WCU students think, work, and prepare for high-performance careers, while redefining the University’s landscape for all.

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