Parents Fund Donates $5,000 to WCU's Center for Contemplative Studies

There's no doubt that mindfulness and other spiritually-centered practices have increased in popularity—just last year, CNN Health reported that NFL players and Olympians take advantage of mind-body techniques—and WCU's Center for Contemplative Studies has followed suit.

What you may not know is that more than 3,500 WCU students have been exposed to contemplative practice through the Center that creates a place, and an atmosphere, on campus that promotes health and wellness, self-regulation, self-awareness, friendship and solidarity for both students and the wider community.

Students who make use of the Center report a reduction in muscle tension, "racing" thoughts and feelings of anxiety, improved mood and an improvement in their sense of connection with others.

This past year the WCU Parents Fund—managed by the WCU Foundation—donated $5,000 to the Center to help with these efforts and to continue to reach students. The Parents Fund supports projects designed to promote safety, enhance the educational experience and create a home away from home for WCU students. Past projects have included emergency campus phones and signage; student emergency needs such as tuition, housing, food and books; and bike repair stations on North and South Campus.
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