Now is the time to push WCU forward

Join us in the vision to build on WCU’s momentum as we attract and empower the next generation of promising minds.

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Now is the time to push WCU forward

Momentum towards our vision

Goal : $65 Million

$37 Million
Investing in our students
to inspire lasting, attainable excellence
Creating Opportunity
to realize the potential of every student
Leading with Technology
to connect students & advance research

See the excitement at WCU

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Leaders standing with WCU

When you make a gift to 150Forward, you stand with visionaries who are working to make this campaign a reality for WCU. Our campaign co-chairs are Eric K. Bossard ’85, Marc Duey, and Jacquelyne North ’81 —leaders in the fields of technology, philanthropy, and educational advancement.

Dr. Chris Fiorentino

President, West Chester University

In 2021, West Chester University celebrates its 150th anniversary. Yet in all this time, our institution has never seen the kind of recognition and excitement we are currently experiencing. With more than 17,600 enrolled students and growing regional and national recognition, our school is stronger than ever.

At this historic juncture, our institution could choose to rest on its laurels. Instead, we are forging ahead with a comprehensive campaign.

Built on three critical initiatives, this campaign will preserve and accelerate WCU’s momentum. We will invest in promising students to drive lasting excellence, lead state public universities with technology, and create greater opportunity for every student who calls West Chester University home.

“I can think of nothing more worthy of our time, energy, and resources than building on the successes that have brought our school — and our students — to the stature we have achieved today. Momentum is building, and I invite you to join me as we accelerate towards the future of West Chester University.”

This special celebration is made possible with the support of our official Sesquicentennial Sponsors. Thank you to all the businesses and individuals who have already made this historic occasion an event to remember.

You can make this campaign a reality

Help us build on the incredible excitement and recognition surrounding WCU today. Make a gift and together, we can propel WCU students into an empowered future.

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