The Business & Public Affairs Center

Our Vision

To provide an integrated, state-of-the-art learning environment for West Chester University’s national accredited undergraduate business and public affairs programs.

Our Challenge

West Chester University’s College of Business and Public Affairs is poised for greatness.

But we have one significant challenge.

Aging facilities, classrooms and campus buildings do not meet expected standards for 21st century learning. Many are obsolete and inefficient for handling the University’s record-level growth in enrollment over the last decade. These limitations also impact new faculty recruitment and retention. Our facilities act as a roadblock to collaborative partnerships with businesses, community groups, and government. Classrooms do not meet requirements for reaccreditation standards. 

  • Anderson Hall, built in 1938, has not changed much in over 70 years, despite some structural improvements 20 years ago.
  • Ruby Jones Hall, built in 1899, houses the departments of political science, geography and planning and criminal justice. Although retrofitted in 1990, the building has many limitations, including opportunities for collaboration with business students and faculty.
  • Small classrooms with inefficient or non-existent collaborative spaces and technological support, a requirement for 21st century team-based learning.
  • Classrooms that do not meet accreditation standards.
  • Faculty offices, often mistaken for closets, do not provide private meeting and research areas.

Scarce classroom availability forces course scheduling from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. several days per week. These times often conflict with the part-time employment obligations of 80% of undergraduates working to cover expenses

It is Time to Build

Business & Public Affairs Center

A first rate facility will create a greater bond among the business school students and faculty while providing an environment to enhance the ease of learning.”
-James Shinehouse, ’80, Partner, Atlantic Financial Partners

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